Helping to improve our quality of life and economy.

Tilden Young Men's Club

Gunnar Qualset

(402) 450-4540

Mission Statement

To serve the community of Tilden and the surrounding area in a positive and respectable manner by promoting community pride and betterment through events, activities, and services.

As of January 2016, The Tilden Young Men's Club began official operations. The group looks forward to promoting community betterment by providing

the community of Tilden with fun events and activities in the coming months and years. We are excited for the opportunity that this committee presents.

Tilden is bucking a trend right now. Our school is growing, families are moving back to the area, and the TYMC wants to capitalize on this trend and make Tilden a more attractive place to live and raise a family. 

Some of the group's annual activities include the following:

  • Red, White and Blue Flag Display Fundraiser
  • Mud Volleyball Tournament
  • Summertime Fireworks Display 
  • Sponsorship of Annual Scholarship for Elkhorn Valley Schools Seniors
  • Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

If you have questions or have interest in joining the Tilden Young Men's Club, please email

Monthly meetings are held on the second Sunday at the Tilden Legion Club.