Our 2016/2017 major projects:

T-MG Foundation Fund 2017 Action Planning Initiative

  • The goal of this multi-month project is to accomplish a long-term strategic plan for our foundation and our community.  Professional facilitators from the Nebraska Community Foundation lead our Fund Advisory Committee over many hours of meetings.  The process stimulated exciting discussion that empowered our T-MG Fund Advisory Committee.
  • Community input was incorporated into our Action Plan.  This input was gained from formal roundtable discussions during our Vision by Way of Leadership Seminar and door-to-door surveys completed during our Tilden Downtown Infrastructure Study’s development.
  • Completion of our Action Planning process qualifies our T-MG Foundation Fund to compete for $250,000 and $500,000 matching fund grants from the Nebraska Community Foundation.  These grants are funded by Susan Buffett’s Sherwood Foundation and the Peter Kiewit Foundation.
  • As a result of our Action Planning project, we will now prioritize the building of a substantial Unrestricted Endowment.  Such a fund will create a long term solid financial base.  This financial base will allow us to grant substantial funds annually for worthy projects such as leadership development and economic development.
  • The emphasis on the Tilden-Meadow Grove Community Foundation Fund Unrestricted Endowment provides the opportunity for local philanthropists of all kinds to give a gift “That Keeps on Giving” to their community.  Our Non-profit Charitable Trust status allows donors to give in many flexible tax advantaged ways. The Nebraska Community Foundation's management of their endowment funds has a long history of excellent investment returns.
  • Our goals are to build our Endowment Fund to $500,000 in three years, to $2,000,000 in 10 years, and to $5,000,000 in 20 years.

T-MG Community Foundation Fund "Citizen Scholarship"

  • This is a scholarship for an Elkhorn Valley Schools graduating senior.
  • This scholarship rewards the recipient for outstanding community service work and their vision for the need for community volunteerism and service.
  • The competitive scholarship winner is chosen by the staff of Elkhorn Valley Schools, based on criteria established by the T-MG Foundation. This scholarship will be awarded annually for the long term.

Meadow Grove Welcome Sign

  • This $10,000 project will construct a concrete and stone landscaped welcome sign for Meadow Grove, located in the Northeast corner of Meadow Grove near Highway 275.
  • The project is backdropped by the Meadow Grove Village Park, School House Walk, and water tower.  It is intended to represent the community pride of the village and the potential of our small community.

Major Donors to the Village of Meadow Grove welcome sign are listed below.  We also greatly appreciate the many unnamed smaller donors that made this project successful.

Trojan $500 & up 

   Village $250 - $499    Millstone $100 - $249     Less than $100
John & Jeanne Dittrich   Joel & Amy Kuchar   Wysocki Paint & Body
  Douglas & Beth Ann Ellis
Larry & Linda Tegeler   Don & Joan Mozer   Chris & Linda Tuttle   Garland & Gini Goracke
Wilcox Flying Service   Jack & Jean Warrick   Joseph & Maria Kuchar   Anonymous
Wilken Seed Supply, Matt & Laurel Wilken   Ron & LuAnn Koch   Roger & Janet Spulak   Sherry James
Ross & Kirby Tegeler   John Sullivan, in memory of Joe Sullivan    Lynn Zurcher    Matthew & Jenny Geyer
Keith & Tammy Dittrich   Dennis & Susie Collins   Verona Beech   Scot Schroeder
Bill Ross Construction   Arnold & June Werner   Leora Stolle   Bruce & Karen Grant
Woodrow Collins Family Memorial        R&S Repair (Ryan Kuchar)   Janet Koetter
Carhart Lumber

James & Lori Bossard
Tanner & Shelby Goracke
Scot Schroeder
      Gary & Kathy Taake   Glen & Judy Cleveland
        Marti Horrocks   Pat Decker
        Larry & Jean Schulze   Robert & Mary Baker
        Don & Lorna Warnke    
        Robert & Gudrun Warrick    
        DD Benson    
        Joy Griffith    
        John & Mary Humphrey    

In memory of Eric & Bev Boyer by family

        Norma Suckstorf    
        John & Jane Tegeler    
        Ken & Suzanne Galyen    
        MG-Tilden Lion's Club    
        Ken & Suzanne Galyen