Junior Falcon Basketball

Contact Persons:

Derric Werner (402) 677-8617

Brendan Dittmer (402) 368-5301 or mr.dittmer@elkhornvalleyschools.org


The Junior Falcon Basketball program (JFBB) is for all Elkhorn Valley students in grades 3-6. The program has one weekday evening practice and one Saturday morning practice most weeks. Every practice is based on fundamentals and they encourage students to learn to give their best, work hard, and be coachable. Along with this, the program hosts a Sunday afternoon basketball league that is open to other schools. Games are held at Elkhorn Valley.

The Junior Falcon Basketball committee members are: Derric Werner, Kristi Werner, Brendan Dittmer, Natalie Dittmer, Gunnar Qualset, Sandra Qualset, Brandon Black, Sarah Black, and Ross Tegeler.


2021: 3rd & 4th Girls Schedule

2021: 5th & 6th Girls Schedule

2021: 3rd & 4th Boys Schedule

2021: 5th & 6th Boys Schedule